Food, Fun and Lots of Music in Surfside

The little Playa Potrero community where I’m living is called Surfside, by many locals, and I’ve been surfing the restaurants and bars in the area for the last couple of weeks – and having a good old time in the process.

Within comfortable walking distance of my temporary residence, I have explored five restaurants, all of which also serve a wide range of alcoholic beverages and provide entertainment of some kind throughout the week – and this is the slow season! Good luck finding yourself with nothing to do any day of the week in Surfside.

SUNDAY at The Shack


Sundays are no exception. Last week, I had the pleasure of listening to Kimi Tortuga, a singer and guitarist from Florida and Joe Hrbek, a Brooklyn transplant, make amazing music at The Shack, a little jewel of a hangout I’ve already written about. Kimi has the sweet, sexy but raspy voice to pull off Janice Joplin or Tina Turner and still do Nina Simone justice. Joe’s prowess on the sax and clarinet is legendary in the area.

PULLED PORK at The Smokin’ Pig

Jill and Amy, mother and daughter – just part of the family of new owners!

Friday I wandered over to The Smokin’ Pig – tucked off the main drag – where I had a fabulous pulled pork sandwich provided by the new owners, who moved here from Albuquerque, NM, and took over in July.  But the best part of a totally cute place was that Joe Hrbek was here too – playing with his regular partner, Luiz Leme, from Brazil. These two really rocked the house with tunes like “Let it Be”,  “My Girl” and “I Feel Good.” At one point, I swear Joe made his clarinet talk.

Good advice from The Smokin’ Pig

Visit my last blog post “To My New Followers” for a clip of Joe and Luiz doing “I Feel Good.”

Luiz and Joe – making great music


PERLA’s for lunch and more

A friendly face at Perla’s – Esther’s

My first visit to Perla’s – which can only be described as a cowboy bar and restaurant – was for lunch. It was quiet at the time, so I watched the Tim McGraw streaming videos and the NFL while I ate a fantastic hamburger and fries. But when I returned this weekend, it was hopping with patrons, listening to Los Tingos, so named because Pedro is a Tico and Jerry is a gringo, originally from Texas (although he’s been in the area for the last 20 years). This seemed to be a good place for singles to meet.

Pedro and Jesse – mixing it up

Saturday, I hiked down to The Sailing Center, where you’ll recall I won at bingo last Sunday, just to check in with Justin, one of the owners, and he tells me there’s a pub crawl bus that wraps up its tour today (Sunday) at his place. They have a big bonfire and quite a crowd, I’m told. I may have to hike down again tonight!


Justin – always smiling at The Sailing Center

POOL and karaoke!

The Castillo is just across the street from The Sailing Center, so I finally made it there after many had told me to stop by – too early for their karaoke, but just in time to enjoy one of the specials of the night – a roast beef sandwich, with horseradish, to die for. I finished up just in time to listen to a couple of karaoke singers, while I talked with a new friend and then watched a couple of games of pool. By the way, that’s the norm here in Surfside – making new friends easily.

Owner Harlan – in the middle of a pool game – at The Castillo

I’m just ticking off a very few of the entertainment options in this tiny little stretch of the road through Potrero. Music artists vary, the type of music varies and the occasional bingo game or trivia contest bring a completely different kind of fun.

And let’s not forget the beach! On any slow day, stroll to the beach – have a dip in the water or maybe a sailing lesson, read a good book in the shade or just work on your tan. It’s a good life.











Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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