A Sunset Cruise to Remember

Vanessa relaxing

The last adventure my daughter and I took on before she had to leave me behind in Costa Rica, was a 6-hour sunset cruise. Wow! We really couldn’t have picked a better way to end our time together.


Happy daughter and mama

A shuttle came to pick us up at our hotel and take us to the launching area in Playa Flamingo, a lovely beach area with several boats parked in the harbor. We climbed into a large dinghy and were ferried out to the catamaran with several other people. I remember feeling really excited as we approached the bigger boat. I absolutely love being on the water.

Before I realized I had a broken snorkel

The boat ended up with about 30 passengers on board and we headed out to sea, the wind in our hair, drinks in our hands and adventure in our hearts. We cruised for quite a while toward the Catalina Islands, enjoying every moment of the lovely weather and calm waters.

We spotted this cave on one of the islands

There was great music to dance to, other passengers to meet and, for my daughter, a GoPro to put to use. She filmed video the entire time, both above and below the waterline. We both took to the water to snorkel, once we got close enough to the islands to explore their reef. However, I had equipment problems so didn’t hang very long. Vanessa didn’t and spent a good hour, maybe two, face down, snorkel up and camera pointed at whatever took her fancy.

My badge of honor – this tattoo stayed for a week!

I returned to the boat and chatted some more with a very nice couple from Ohio, and sipped a rum punch. When everyone had enough of snorkeling, they joined us back on the boat where we feasted on fresh fruit, chips, cookies, salad and other goodies…and drank a few more punches. Not Vanessa, just me.

A true sunset cruise

Then it was another beautiful view of the sun lowering in the sky and spreading orangish fingers over the water. We moved to the vibrant music onboard, got temporary tattoos from the touring company, Lazy Lizard, and generally sunk into the tranquility around us.

Last year, we ended our vacation with a day-trip to the Philippine island of Bohol, where we saw tarsiers and took a lunch-time river cruise, which was actually our best time in the Philippines. I want to make sure we always have a blowout kind of experience at the end of each of our trips. Oh yes, we have many future ones planned.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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