Adiós a Mis Nuevos Amigos – (Goodbye My New Friends)

Tomorrow I head off to an organic farm on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica to help out with their social media needs, for an undetermined period of time and I’m very excited about this new chapter. You can expect frequent updates from The Farm!

But, for the past month, I have had the wonderful opportunity of living in Playa Potrero, also in Costa Rica, in the terrific little area of Surfside. The area is incredibly beautiful, whether down by the sea or walking along the countryside and there have been surprises at nearly every turn.

Dani – such a nice lady!

One of the nicest surprises has been how warm and welcoming this community has been to me and how easy it has been to make friends. I cannot leave without thanking some of them, in particular, and this community at large, for making my stay so special.

Danielle Ahlberg, of The Shack fame, was the first to greet me here and she’s been a constant help throughout my stay as the purveyor of information and hugs. Thank you so much, Dani.

The rest of the gang from The Shack have been a mainstay as well, and I send out hugs to all of them, especially Jay, Nubia, Diego, Honey, Jocelin and Miss Amanda (Massiel). You’re smiling faces were addictive!

Here’s a collection of other faces I won’t forget from your wonderful little settlement:

Jerry (I’m probably spelling it wrong) from the MerKdo – I’ve been a regular visitor and he’s put up with my attempts to communicate, with a smile.


Beca and Ari from The Castillo – adios amigas!


Esther – at another sweet lady – at Perlas
If you’ve been in town two minutes, you’ll recognize this guy – a helluva musician – Joe Hrbek


John, Amy and Jill from The Smokin’ Pig! I’ll be craving the pulled pork sandwich for a while.


Jay – the kingpin at The Shack!


Justin at The Costa Rica Sailing Center – so generous with his time.
Massiel, Nubia and Jocelin – always kind!
I raise a glass to you all!

A fond farewell!


Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

4 thoughts on “Adiós a Mis Nuevos Amigos – (Goodbye My New Friends)”

  1. Oh, don’t worry – I know this farm thing is going to be interesting. I’ll be doing a bunk bed again! But seriously, I’ve seen pictures of it and it’s amazing. Thanks for following GT (new nickname for you 😉

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