Leon’s Beach Escape Town – Las Peñitas

Sunday afternoon at Playa Roca

The tiny village of Las Peñitas (which means “little rocks”) supports itself with fishing and tourism. The stretch of sand, at Playa Roca (a beach and a hotel), definitely fills with local families and couples on weekends, looking to escape the heat of Leon even in the rainy season, with a few foreigners sprinkled in. It’s a comfortable place to spend a few days.

Surf crashing rather gently for the moment

What a pretty beach, with waves crashing against Its rocky outcroppings and the shore’s crescent shape. A stroll around the southern point of the curve takes you to the harbored fishing boats. The main drag boasts a variety of hotels and hostels, with the occasional private home and a couple of other businesses. There’s not a lot to Las Peñitas, but there doesn’t have to be if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

Fishing boats at moorings
My writing spot at the Playa Roca Hotel

Besides the Playa Roca Hotel, I walked down the beach to see a few of the beachside offerings, with one in particular capturing my imagination. Check out the giant piece of driftwood!


I also walked a bit to visit The Lazy Turtle which had been recommended to me by a fellow traveler. There I found a really laid-back environment and the two own it just chilling – the place was actually closed but they let me in long enough to have a beer, take a few pictures and chat a bit with Valerie, who owns The Lazy Turtle along with Ryan. The two native Canadians came to Las Peñitas five years ago and began living their dream beach-side. They still love it here.

Just my kind of folks – loving the sunglasses!

I even went in the water a couple of times, which is unusual for me now with my knee replacement, but the surf was just right.  But mostly I upheld my plan to plant myself under the thatched roof of the restaurant/bar and write. It’s been wonderful and I still have this evening! Who knows what trouble I can get into in five hours!

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

2 thoughts on “Leon’s Beach Escape Town – Las Peñitas”

  1. It was so nice to simply chill. I’m not complaining at all, but there can still be some drama and tension on the road. Not much, but enough to appreciate total relaxation.

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