Sex and the Traveling Life

Huh! Now that I have your attention, I’ve been considering this post for quite a while – since I was in SE Asia – but kept wondering if it was appropriate and have obviously finally decided it is.

Sex is everywhere in life, but becomes truly noticeable when you’re traveling, especially as a solo woman. For a celibate 64-year-old widow, I’ve had my share of exposure during this grand adventure. Here’s a few incidents:

  • In SE Asia beginning in the Philippines, one the first thing that struck me was the occasional much-older man with a lovely young Asian woman (always of age, in my experience) serving as his companion, but sometimes his wife. This continued into Thailand and Cambodia.
  • In Malaysia, I was walking to the mall down a busy street when a young man – no older than 30 – pulled over and gestured what he’d like me to do for him. I was horrified.
  • In Bali, I was propositioned three times by young men, looking for a gigolo hookup. Each time I was repulsed:
    • Once by my waiter, who was 21
    • Another time as I sat at a table along the wall between a restaurant and the beach
    • By a married driver who was taking me to a different city
  • I have been told by men in the hostels where I’ve stayed here in Central America that there are prostitutes who work the downtown streets, although I’ve never noticed them myself.
  • On the positive side, in the hostels I’ve seen many young people become romantically involved. I do mean romantically. I’m sure there are the undertones I’m not aware of, but many legitimate relationships begin in hostels.

I have met a couple of men who I found interesting but not enough to knock me out of my status. But even as a significantly older woman on her own, a solitary woman will have opportunities for male companionship if that’s on her mind.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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