Beginning Guatemala!

A collection of period kitchenware

Oh, man – there’s so much here to see. I started for two days in Guatemala City in which. frankly, I just rested. I did manage to cross the street from my hostel to view a typical home of a middle-class Guatemalan family in the 1920-30s at the Casa Museum. Here are some lovely photos.

The dining room chandelier

The exciting thing is having arrived in Antiqua and driving around the city on the shuttle, I found an amazingly beautiful city, where I’m planning to stay for about three weeks. So, hold on – there will be plenty of posts to come.

A typical portico – although this one was inside the house between main areas.

Additionally, I’m planning on visiting an area that it heavily inhabited by expats – Lake Atitlan – and even more exciting the ruins of Tikal (staying on the island of Flores.)

A corner of the parlot.

So, I’m going to be staying right in the heart of Antigua for four days starting tomorrow and dedicating all of tomorrow for Dia de la Muertos – Day of the Dead – celebrations.

The Casa Museum was filled with lovely piece of woodcraft like this chest.

See you soon!

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

2 thoughts on “Beginning Guatemala!”

  1. I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have.

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