New Ideas Come Along!

bike-camperFor a couple of weeks now, as I have recuperated from a really bad chest cold, I’ve been stagnating mentally and physically. Over time I’ve come to realize when this happens to me it’s because I’m in a cocoon of sorts and will eventually emerge with some new and exciting direction.

That’s exactly what has happened. Things tend to float around in my brain for a while and then suddenly attach to each other in the most extraordinary ways: things that bother me (not being able to afford living and traveling around the US even for a visit), wanting to get in shape (but hating all the regular ways people do that) and in this case, meeting a couple of people in Nicaragua and Guatemala who have taken extended road trips via their bicycles.


Caterine from Quebec, Canada, biking from Canada to Granada, Nicaragua, southward through the States, Mexico and Guatemala. I don’t know her exact age but she’s definitely under 30 and she did this solo. Then in Guatemala City I met Kirk, a gentleman of about my age, who has also biked through Mexico, after beginning in Florida, and then down to where I met him. He’s a biking enthusiast, and a solo traveler.


Before this, and I believe while in the States, I saw a spot on TV about a guy who had made himself a bicycle camper out of discarded campaign signs. Putting these three things together with the problems of expenses in the US and fitness – Viola! I woke up this morning with a new wing of my adventures that I intend to try out in 2017!

I’m going to build my own “trailer”, as much for cost reduction as a desire to customize it for my own needs, and the bike will be a major expense, so I’m going to take off for one more trip overseas first – I think to Mexico. Then I’ll return, put all the pieces together, and ride my bike from Phoenix to Sacramento, California (to visit my mom) for my inaugural trip!


To some this will seem like a distraction, but it’s not. It solves two recurring problems in my life – being able to be in the US without going broke, and getting into seriously good shape. Now, with that plan intact, I can move on to my travels and truly enjoy.

bike-boatI’ll keep you posted on the progress of this plan and in the meantime, I’ve included a few pictures to inspire you, plus here’s a link to a cute little video


Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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