Last Post from Guatemala

Lake Atitlan from Nick’s Cafe

I’m currently in Guatemala City, but I leave tomorrow for Costa Rica, where I will fly out on Wednesday for the United States.

Nick’s has primo lakeside views!

Just before I left Panajachel, I rode the ferry across Lake Atitlan to San Pedro, another little village beside the lake. I got some great street pictures, enjoyed myself sitting in a restaurant overlooking the lake and talking to a couple of young men from Mexico. I amazed myself in that I could actually have a conversation with them – almost entirely in Spanish. Yay!

Love this one with mt beloved tuk tuks AND a chicken bus!

The boat ride back to Pana was one hell of an experience. The lake was choppy due to mild winds and apparently, you go the same speed regardless of conditions. We were thawping along (thawping is that terrible sound the boat makes as it slams down on the water from the air) and I was holding on for dear life and targeting the life jacket I would grab when we flipped over.

Not sure of the name of this pretty little church.


Mind you I am not a scaredy-cat in a boat, but I have taken boat safety classes and this was ridiculous. Finally, the pilot hit one big ass wave and I screamed “Slow down.” He didn’t and all the other passengers scooted away from me. In that moment, I counted the possible casualties in the event our boat did flip – 16. There was nothing more I could do, so I pulled the life vest from its overhead position, and settled in for the remainder of the ride. We made it.

When a clothesline is scenery!

Two days later, I headed to Guatemala City by shuttle. Nothing to report other than my newfound respect for dead sardines. Are we sure they are dead when they’re packed? Just saying.

Lounge area at Euro Hostel in GC

Last night I arrived at the cool little hotel in the pictures. Nice room, great patio and lounge areas and all for less than $20 a night. I spent most of the day trying to recapture sleep from the night before when I managed all of an hour. I get a bit hyper when I’m traveling the next day.

This hotel is full of cute little decor.

So – I just wanted to check in before I’m back in the States for Christmas. Hope this finds you all well and ready for the holidays.

A typical San Pedro street.

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I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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