Tapatio Tours in Guadalajara

My bus!

Many of my readers here also followed my travels through SE Asia, where twice I experienced – with great joy – the double-decker tour buses. Well, I’ve been at it again.

I enjoyed the Turibus in Mexico City – very much – and made the Tapatio tour the first thing I did in Guadalajara. If you haven’t tried these two-story wonders, please do next time you have a chance.

A wide variety of wares are available from the vendors in Tlaquepaque.

They are fabulous for getting an overview of a city, so you can pick and choose where you what to spend more time during the rest of your visit. And they are cheap. In Malaysia, I spent about $9.00 for a full day of touring (Kuala Lumpur and Penang separately), while in Guadalajara it cost me just 70 pesos or $3.50 (because I’ve hit the magic age for ½ price!) – the full fare per person for all three area tours which take 5 hours total is $7.00.

Tlaquepaque is a pretty little town.  Spot the owl?


I found the Tapatio Tours to be not as exciting as the others I’ve taken, but it took me to Tlaquepaque (a little touristy town known for its artisans)and that alone was worth the ride. I had intended to ride the Tap back for a full day there, but never quite made it back.

A happy place! Jewelry!

There’s no real route that takes you around the historical district, but that’s fine because that’s so doable on foot, yet if it wasn’t for the tour bus I wouldn’t know that there is a fine downtown and business district in Guadalajara, as there was in Mexico City.

My chosen spot for an Americano!

Again, you easily find where you want to spend your time. I ended up devoting the rest of my stay to exploring the Centro Historico – a lovely way to while away three weeks! Discovery is the very best sensation for me, and I found that every corner I turned offered something new in my beautiful Guadalajara.

This display of collars made me stop in my tracks.

Tip of the Day – bring a hat to shade you upstairs and a bottle of water, because it can be brutally hot, especially while waiting in traffic.

Enormous carving in a shop window.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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