Settling into Manzanillo

Welcome to my world! The RED door to the upstairs apartments.

I woke from a lovely nap feeling ready to pounce on my creativity. I took a cool shower, slipped on my clothes and grabbed my camera. One of the reasons I love where I’m staying in Manzanillo is that the surroundings are fill with eye candy. Everywhere I look, inside or outside my apartment, there is something to delight.

Dusk in Manzanillo

I started out in Manzanillo at a budget hotel, fine for a couple of days but not a place I could afford or would want to stay longer than that. I’ve posted the story of how I landed at this lovely place on Facebook, so here it is again (for those of you that read this blog AND are a FB friend):

“A WORD ABOUT FATE! I have had another lovely quirk of fate today. I was trying to figure out where to go next all last night. I woke up this morning (well, really just before noon) ready to book a flight and hotel somewhere else.

As fate would have it (intentional) the little cafe next door – called Crepes and Cafe – isn’t a breakfast place at all and was closed. There were no restaurants open, so I decided to return to my hotel and eat breakfast out of the vending machine. It ate my money instead. So, frustrated, I asked the girl at reception where there was a mini-mart. She told me to go right, cross the street at the corner and it was right there.

I nodded, but for some reason, went left instead and walked three blocks until I spied a coffee bar that looked nice – and had yummy looking buns on the counter – and went in for a cup of joe, etc. I spied a nice area in the back and walked through to the spot in the pictures. The owner came to wait on me and mentioned she had rooms to rent. After my breakfast, she took me upstairs and showed me a full apartment – very comfortable, with kitchen, Wifi and a view of the ocean from my bedroom – and told me it was $300 a month.

Guess who is staying in Manzanillo for at least a month, maybe a few.

Now, consider this – if I had gone right instead of left I would never have found this place. If the vending machine had been working – I never would have found this place. If I had woken up earlier and eaten breakfast at the hotel, I never would have found this place.

Wow! – that’s all – just wow!

Pictures of the actual apartment coming when I move in on Friday. In the meantime, this is the “patio” for the apartments and for the cafe. I can’t wait.”

That’s my bedroom window on the far left!

That post was uploaded on the 8th, I moved in on the 9th and this is the 15th and I haven’t yet come down to earth. I’m busy taking it all in and have decided to stay here for three months total. It is only partly the amazing apartment and little café downstairs that has captured me. I’m also enjoying this little town.

Part of the cafe downstairs.

Manzanillo isn’t the cultural mecca that Guadalajara is but it has its own richness. And by no means have I adequately explored it. I have ventured a few blocks either way from “mi casa” and enjoyed the beach in the afternoon and dusk. The local “supermarket” – Soriana – is surrounded by small businesses, some as familiar as GNC and Sally Beauty Supply and a three-screen cinema, which I’ll visit as soon as I manage to time it right for an English showing of either Kong or Logan. Basically, I feel at home, with just enough foreigner mixed in to make it exotic.

See! Eye candy!

There is much more to see and I’ll get around to it, but in the meantime, I feel my muscles relaxing and my mind opening. In Asia, I found my nest in Melaka (and wrote a book), in Central America it was Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and now I’m centered in a smallish port town with a nice, if somewhat rundown, tourist area.

It’s perfect.

Have a seat! Just one of the places to relax in my new environment.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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