Time is not Real

I got this picture by just “hanging” out. Time wasted? I think not.

Some famous person said something like this – “Time is an artificial construct, invented by man.” When you take the time to truly conceive of that, it is very freeing.

Since “time” is not a real thing, we cannot waste it so all those “should be doing” moments of guilt can simply melt away.

Why, you wonder, are you bothering me with this? What made this subject suddenly so important you had to write about it? What is this crap?

All good questions, and since there is no time measurement or value to place on answering your questions, I shall.

I spent hours this afternoon enjoying the feel of a strong breeze entering my bedroom window and wafting its way over my body.  Every hour or so, I’d sense a feeling of guilt enter my consciousness but I successfully batted it away and went on just enjoying the pure luxurious sensation. I had a home in the San Fernando Valley where my bed, situated below two corner windows, drew the afternoon zephyrs regularly and I nearly always partook of the same pleasure then. And felt the internal blame game.

So, originally, this train of thought was simply a rationale for loitering, however I stayed on its trail long enough to develop a new mantra – “Time is not real.”

This probably seems wholly unrelated to Stephen Hawking. But it’s not. Here’s why. I have heard other people thinking out loud what I have often thought, “What a terrible waste,” referring to a brilliant man like being trapped in a body that does not respond to his will.  But it’s not.  Here’s why. Everything is relative and had his disease not kept him inside his own mind, who knows what would have not been. What would not have ever occurred to him.

In the same way, our concept of time can either trap or release us to do things, conceive of ideas, experience or not. We are all kept within boundaries by our preconceptions, time being one of them. I’ll no longer be restricted by my own concept of time passing and what should or should not be done with our time.

Time isn’t real.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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