Seattle, Vancouver and Sedona

As promised! Here are my latest adventures in Seattle, Vancouver – Canada and Sedona, the site of many past adventures in the Arizona desert.  I visited all these places with my daughter, Vanessa, the best co-traveler you could possibly find. However, she hates having her pictures taken and insists on complete control over what is post-able. So, the lack of pictures of her is NOT as oversight.

chilhuly and space needle
A beautiful view from inside the Dale Chihuly art center with the Space Needle above.


blue chihuly
In the gardens of the Chihuly art exhibit. I love his work.
Pike’s Place Market – a crazy, crowded but fun marketplace. A must see.
crab cakes
Crab cakes at the world famous pier side Ivar’s seafood restaurant. Also – a must!
The giant harbor ferris wheel. Geez, I love a ride!
fruit in Vancouver
Fruit stand at the public market on Granville Island -Vancouver, Canada.
steam clock
Van fell in love with the steam clock in the background of old town Vancouver.
me with totems
I loved all of Stanley Park in Vancouver, but my VW shirt souvenir even more.
van side
See! I told you she hates the camera. That’s why I love this one – got her in spite of herself.
A cafe in Sedona with the greatest view! Red rock country.
sedona mansion
A mansion in the hills above Sedona with another fabulous view.
space needle
This one is out of order on purpose. The Space Needle in Seattle has been a dream since I was about 10. I desperately wanted to go to the World’s Fair and go up in it. Done!

I hope you enjoyed this little “slideshow” and promise to bring you more – very soon.

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

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