Brain Fog be Gone!

me before
This is kind of cheating because it’s perhaps the worst picture I’ve ever taken. However, it shows how bloated I was, especially in my face. This was about this time last year.

I mentioned in an earlier post – A Different Kind of Traveler – that I had a couple of reasons for disappearing off the blogging scene for a while. The first was having lost my sense of self as a traveler and the second was having severe brain fog.

I’m challenged as a self-editor anyway but add in a little general confusion and it’s all over. That’s what I experienced for nearly a year and it took me a long time to figure it out.

I tried veganism and I think it’s a good way to go, but not for me, a 14-year veteran of diabetes wars. Through the magic of YouTube, I found information I had been missing and a new tactic. I hadn’t understood the dynamics of insulin resistance or what to do about it.

I began watching Dr. Berg on YouTube at a rate of two or three short videos a day. I consider myself an intelligent woman, yet it still took me about 10 videos to understand that I had been poisoning myself with too many carbohydrates. For me, all but fresh, leafy vegetables and a small amount of certain fruits a day was too much. I cut back to keto eating, which is too complicated to explain here but just know that there are tons of online information if you’re interested.

Also, I began to limit and reduce the number of times I eat. Most days, I eat three times a day within an eight-hour time span. Maybe twice a week I manage two times a day, within 6 hours. This is called intermittent fasting, which is reallyjust lengthening the amount of time without eating. Not nearly as scary as it sounds. I honestly feel a big difference of the days of eating only twice – much more alert and physically settled.

I had been on insulin for six years or so, and that fact was a major concern when I began traveling for the reasons of availability and refrigeration. Honestly, it was a big hassle for me, especially as a budget traveler. I am now off insulin or diabetes meds of any kind. For a woman who frequently had readings in the 300s, with insulin, to now be very near the “normal” mark without meds, is amazing!

I’ve also started tracking my movements with the help of a FitBit and most days manage 6,000+ steps a day. On Monday, I’m upping my daily goal to 7K.

I feel 100% percent better than I had just six months ago. I’ve lost weight and perhaps, best of all – my brain fog is gone. I still the forgetfulness that comes with 66 years on this earth, but I no longer must deal with a constant mind jumble.

me after 2
This is just a couple of weeks ago and you can see how much better I look in general.

So, here I am again. Writing, this blog and a new one is about to be born. Another book is on the way, too.

I am not on a mission to convert anyone to my way of eating, but I’m open to answering questions if anyone should have them. Please just reach out below.

#brainfog #keto #intermittentfasting

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

I've embarked on the lifestyle of vagabond as a solitary woman and I'm excited about sharing my experiences with you.

5 thoughts on “Brain Fog be Gone!”

  1. I have just seen a neurologist who said I had brain fog and should eat Keto diet! So it is great to hear from someone who has done this and it has worked! Glad you are feeling better x

  2. Congratulations on taking ownership of your health and seeking solutions through food and motion. You look healthy, happy and ‘fog-free’!

  3. Rachel – sorry to take so long to respond. Best of luck with the keto diet. I would love to be someone who encourages it for others. And it’s really not that hard! Check back and let me know how you’re doing.

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